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…and Discovering the Bible at the Heart of Worship



“I WONDER WHY SOME CHURCHES have their worship Services written down in a book or booklet?”

Well, I’m glad you asked that! You might find the answer surprising.

It’s not because they’re being ‘traditional’ or ‘formal’, and it’s not because they don’t like spontaneity or the leading of the Holy Spirit in worship. It’s because the words contain the BIBLE TRUTHS that the life of the Church is based on. And because worship should always - and only - be an expression and an experience of those BIBLE TRUTHS.

This has three important consequences:

1). THE SUNDAY SERVICE is always a reminder of the wonderful truths of THE GOSPEL and can feed us with a balanced diet for our everyday Christian living.

2). THE SUNDAY SERVICE always contains the essential message of Jesus and so all who attend CAN HEAR AND RESPOND TO THE GOSPEL.

3). THE SUNDAY SERVICE contains the foundation stones of Christian living, and so WE CAN BUILD A DISCIPLESHIP COURSE on it - and that’s exactly what this series of seven **SATURDAY SPECIAL” posts will be doing.

THE POSTS will work their way through the Church of England Holy Communion Service a section at a time. They’ll point to important Bible passages that those sections relate to. And they’ll ‘unpack’ the teaching of those Bible passages so that they become reminders to us every time we use this Service to worship together.

Clever stuff, eh!

THE POSTS can be formed into a Confirmation or Discipleship Course, and by clicking the link below you can see how they are being used in this way at St Anne’s Church, West Heath, Birmingham UK…

…or they can simply be followed by anyone in a church to enhance and enrich their experience of Sunday worship.

Stuart Kimber.


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