Discovering the Bible at the Heart of Worship


1). A Course that unpacks and illustrates the St Anne’s Holy Communion Service booklet by the use of fourteen Bible passages from the New Testament in order to… 

(i). Enrich the experience of worshipping on Sunday while using the liturgy

(ii). Demonstrate the Bible-based shape and content of the Service

(iii). Begin the journey of Discipleship using the selected Bible passages as starting points

(iv). Recommend seven key longer New Testament passages for further reflection

2).     (i). The Course will be published as a series of seven Bible Study posts from my ‘Trying To Think Christianly’ Facebook page.

(ii). Candidates for Confirmation and anyone who would like to follow the Studies as a Discipleship Course will be invited to two In-person Sessions where discussions will be based on the content of the posts. 

 (iii). Seven of the Course’s fourteen passages of Scripture (five of them slightly extended) will then be recommended as the basis of further reflection and study to continue the life of Discipleship privately. These seven key passages will become the subject of seven brief articles to be published between June and November 2022.

(iv). One or two follow-up gatherings could be arranged, also between June and November, to discuss progress in Discipleship and ongoing involvement in church life.

(v). In due course, all this will be written up, combined with other Discipleship material, and published as a Booklet through Amazon.