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History of St Anne

Established at the junction of  Alvechurch Road and Lilley Lane in 1900, the ‘Mission Church’ was

built in the Parish of King Norton to serve the hamlet of West Heath.

It was opened on December 1st by the Bishop of Worcester, in whose diocese the area was still situated.

The Diocese of Birmingham was formed in 1905.

In the early 1920’s the wooden ‘village hall’ was built and it, along with the Mission Church, were used as a

school until Turves Green was built.

In 1942 the church was renamed ‘St Anne’s Church’.

The Vicarage was built in 1968 and work started on the erection of the new church and other buildings

in July 1974.  


October 4th, St Francis Day, 1975 saw  the consecration of St Anne’s Church and St Francis Chapel.

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